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Tom Kozlowski: Press/Reviews

Tom writes in his bio, "Although 'Between Two Fires' is Tom Kozlowski’s first formal release, it is by no means his first collection of songs. He has many songs in his catalogue..." It's amazing, because this album alone has 17 tracks, a testament to him being a prolific writer. Tom Kozlowski's album "Between Two Fires" is a mix of great stories, metaphors of life, love and all interwoven musical groove and guitar laden rhythms. "Jagged Edge", his opening track, reminds me of an Eagle's song, or even John Mellencamp. A catchy hook and nice rhythms, it's the perfect opening to the album. "Like a Pearl" has a lovely feel, and is somewhat sentimental and melancholy, which Tom's voice (quite sensitive yet strong) tells a woven and interesting story. Very Paul McCartney like in his story telling and melodies. Tom is from Ohio, and you can tell that he has a sound that would captivate the middle American audience, with echoes of roots, Americana and rock. I really enjoyed "Hunger" for its sensitivity in the music and his crisp, well done backing vocals. The electric guitar solo is not too intrusive and along with the percussion and acoustic guitars, the laid back
groove is so easy to listen to. By track 4, "Never the Same Love Twice", Tom makes a departure into a blues jam and a bluesy story with a hook that is easy to sing along to. All in all, Tom is a talented songwriter and his collection of songs in "Between Two Fires" speaks of truth, good stories, nice laid back rhythms and a really excellent voice. A real pleasure to listen to.

Gilli Moon
Gilli Moon - Songsalive! (Dec 23, 2007)
Wait! I thought I hated folk!
-Ann Starr reviews "Between Two Fires"

I'd never think myself the girl for indie/folk style music. But a friend handed me this CD with a certain look and asked me to give it a listen. How glad I am that I did! My prejudices were happily dispatched! For one, I surmised that it would be quite a job for one voice and one acoustic guitar to carry along a CD with 17 tunes without moving me to teeth-gnashing boredom. Kozlowski accomplishes "the impossible." Not only are his songs beautiful compositions with thoughtful lyrics, but he has edited the whole with taste and balance: He keeps the listener with him throughout, always serving up something different, but related. His voice is warm and strong, yet with imperfections enough to be real. It's not a romantic voice that undercuts the crisp intelligence of the material. This is a workmanly, beautifully-crafted, and intelligent addition to my collection.
Ann Starr / Visual Artist & Writer/ Columbus, Ohio - CD Baby Review (Jan 11, 2008)
By Catherine L. Tully Magazine

This CD (Between Two Fires) by Tom Kozlowski is easy on the ears and an overall nice piece of work with a smooth feel and simple finish. There are 17 tracks on the album, and it is a very complete and well thought out effort. Things don't fall into a predictable rhythm but rather mix up in mood and presentation, keeping things moving along at an interesting pace. All songs (with the exception of lyrics to "Eternity Hotel") are written by Kozlowski. A self-taught musician, Tom has been songwriting since the age of ten. More recently he has been studying formal composition and guitar with a composer in Ohio, his home state.

The guitar work on the CD is good, and Kozlowski's voice is very pleasant -- a combination of gentle and sincere. The lyrics hit universal themes such as spirituality and world events that are very relatable; his voice presents them clearly and with emotion. Don't miss "Ophelia," which is a particularly lovely sounding track with a very different vibe to it.

It seems that whatever Kozlowski has set out to do with Between Two Fires has been nicely accomplished. Here is a well-done CD with good musicianship, expressing the songwriter's ideas and ideals in a way that the listener is invited in to think things through with him. A communication definitely takes place here as the album plays, and at the end of it all, one has a glimpse into both the artist's mind and heart.

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