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Tom Kozlowski: News

Kweevak Music Magazine - September 13, 2008

Tom Kozlowski is one of the featured artists in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue #46 of Kweevak Magazine

New Videos - April 6, 2008

Be sure to see my latest videos on YouTube.

Whole Wheat Radio - March 20, 2008

Tom Kozlowski to be showcased on Whole Wheat Radio on March 21st 2008 @ 3:30pm EST

Recent CD Review - March 8, 2008

New CD review of "Between Two Fires" by magazine. Just click on link below:

New Videos - February 16, 2008

Tom Kozlowski has several new videos on his website which all originate from YouTube.

Tom Kozlowski is Songsalive! Member of the Month for February 2008 - February 1, 2008

See Tom Kozlowski's interview with Songsalive! and review of his new CD "Between Two Fires"

New CD - January 1, 2008

Buy Tom Kozlowski's new CD

"Between Two Fires"

Peace On Earth - December 3, 2007

We all want the kind of peace that is lasting throughout the world. But what about the world each of us lives in? Why don't we go out of our way to be peacemakers with the people we live and work with everyday? We have wars because as individuals we cannot get along with one another. It's time to stop saying "peace", unless we're prepared to make peace ourselves.

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