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Tom Kozlowski: Hear Music See Video

Twin (With Video)

(Tom Kozlowski)
I know why they named me Thomas I know why they call me twin

I see everything from both sides see it all from beginning to end

They call me twin

I have to hold it with my own hand I have to see it with my own eyes

I’m not satisfied with answers that leave no room for asking why

They call me twin

Double-walker standing at my shoulder shadow of myself I know you're there

One of us claims to be the first born calls the other one a specter of the air

They call me twin

I look at you I see myself looking back at me

Are these reflections of the world as it’s supposed to be

Force the questions through the winepress

Perhaps these doubts will turn to certainties

They call me twin

Words & Music Copyright 2005 Tom Kozlowski