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Tom Kozlowski: Hear Music See Video

Eternity Hotel (With Video)

(Tom Kozlowski music/Roy Bentley lyrics)
So far the afterlife is so damned annoying

A giddy riffraff in their best rags argues

As it devours the continental breakfast

They’re all lyin’ ‘bout a legacy of good

And sneakin’ in a surreptitious swift kick

At a house dog who smiles and says hello

Eternity Hotel

Everyone is talkin’ all at once in a crowd

As if they await news of something

House staff and maids are former models

Aloof and uniformed in Moroccan blue

They glide by like a memory of eating and

Being fabulously filled

Eternity Hotel

You rub shoulders with a saint with a used up look that says

It’s never enough this rising above one’s animal nature

He nods as if redemption were mostly a matter of being recognized

And he had no more substance than air

As if the soul were used to rented rooms

Eternity Hotel

Words Roy Bentley & Music Tom Kozlowski Copyright 2006