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Takin' a Stand

(Tom Kozlowski)
Woke up one day and I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize the man standing there

The one I looked up to had slipped out the door

I won’t pretend to be an innocent man I’ve had my share of misguided plans

Always took my best shot least I thought so before

Now it seems I can’t take the heat I walk away and accept the defeat

Used to believe I knew what was true now I tell myself it’s all up to you

What does it mean to say I’m takin’ a stand?

I heard the politician givin’ a speech it’s never clear who he’s tryin’ to reach

It all depends who’s shaking his hand

I heard the preacher quotin’ the book ‘bout the virtues we all overlook

I’m prayin’ God shows more mercy than man

I see the protesters march in the streets diplomats calling for peace

Civilized world marchin’ to war still usin’ guns to settle the score now

What does it mean to be takin’ a stand?

I hear a lot about supreme sacrifice some greater good and you lay down your life

All for the sake of the children to come

But what about this everyday life most of us wrestle and struggle and fight

Just to keep it all from coming undone

And in the end it’s just you and me face to face that’s how it must be

Fight to the death in this race to be first nobody left to inherit the earth

Then who will be there takin’ a stand?

Words and Music Copyright 2002 Tom Kozlowski