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Never the Same Love Twice

(Tom Kozlowski)
Sometimes she reminds me so much of you

That crooked smile and that twisted point of view

Sometimes I wake up in the night there’s a stranger by my side

It took so many years to finally realize it’s never the same love twice

I have your photograph I took in ‘83

You’re sleepin’ like a baby beneath a willow tree

We were young and so naïve thought that love was all we’d need

I don’t know who I see when I look into her eyes it’s never the same love twice

We went our separate ways what does it matter who’s to blame

In the end you have to pay the price it’s never the same love twice

Sometimes I think we could start up once again

Pick up where we left off somewhere way back when

She doesn’t know I dream of you a secret rendezvous

Somehow I know if we reached a compromise it’s never the same love twice

Words & Music Copyright 2004 Tom Kozlowski