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Tom Kozlowski: Hear Music See Video

Hunger (Watch Video)

(Tom Kozlowski)
Got this hunger won’t stop burning ain’t no cure for this endless yearning

Only one thing fills the empty space tomorrow something new will take its place

All I need is one more drink just another taste

It’s such a sin to walk away and let it go to waste

Got this hunger cruel temptation ain’t no stopping my damnation

It’s easier to stop the first desire than afterwards put out the raging fire

High up on the mountaintop he offered me the world

The devil’s in the details come time to pay the bill

Got this hunger endless craving it’s all too clear now I’m well past saving

Waiting for that providential kiss settled for a life of hit or miss

Driven through this barren land can’t settle down ain’t got no plan

I hope someday I’m swallowed whole by the hunger that torments my soul

Got this hunger it never leaves me what’s the use now no one believes me

Got this hunger

Words & Music Copyright 2004 Tom Kozlowski