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Tom Kozlowski: Hear Music See Video

Brave New World (With Video)

(Tom Kozlowski)
February 1, 2008
Tom Kozlowski
Lookin' good for the camera photo op on TV
Carefully scripted just what they want us
to see
They're running the nation by watchin' the polls
It's just a reflection of the national soul
They invaded a country started a war
No one remembers what we're fighting for
Somehow we've all lost our way
Like children we blindly obey
I'm hoping that it's not too late
In this brave new world

Don't need any books to fill up our heads
We get all the answers from the big screen instead
Waited for hours election day at the local
Trust us they said when the machine ate our votes
They promise to keep us from cradle to grave
We don't ask questions in the home of the brave
What price are we willing to pay
Look out they might drag you away
Be careful and watch what you say
In this brave new world

The president says he talks to God on the phone
If God's on the hotline how did he get it so wrong
Rewarding his cronies appointing his friends
When the party's over the people pay in the end
Our country is hungry we need more than bread
I'd give up my tax cuts for the truth instead
Justice is bought everyday
Freedom is splintered and frayed
More and more feeling betrayed
In this brave new world

Copyright 2005 Tom Kozlowski