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Ivory Tower(Bush Legacy)

(Tom Kozlowski)
February 17, 2008
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You walked in we all looked up it was quiet in the room

The children were bowing the men kow towing the women envied you

You were dressed all in white roses in your hair

The only rivals there that night didn’t have a prayer

Behind the scenes whisperings rumors of your fall from power

Straighten your crown high time you came down from your ivory tower

Countless lovers in your bed poets and soldiers too

Sweet perfumes incense and oils with every rendezvous

A troubadour on the boulevard sings a sad lullaby

All your lovers long since gone left you far behind

You cut too many deals with all the big wheels now it’s all gone sour

Hold on to your crown high time you came down from your ivory tower

In the streets they call your name asking where you’ve gone

The castle walls keep out the poor the homeless and the pawns

Weary armies marching home returning in retreat

More and more you come up short on your balance sheet

You’re sadly mistaken I can see you are shaken it’s not your finest hour

The lion is out on the prowl seeking to devour

Relinquish your crown it’s too late to come down from your ivory tower

Words & Music Copyright 2007 Tom Kozlowski