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My Kind Of Love (Watch Video)

(Tom Kozlowski)
December 27, 2007
Like a man who prays in the garden I wait for a pardon
I'll stay and do penance if you think that I should.
Like a river that wanders or a wise man who ponders
I work so hard to let go of the deadwood.
I try to give you the good things I know it's a life in the rough.
Accept these meager offerings
It's the only way to show my kind of love.
Like a man caught in a snow storm my heart pierced by a Christ-thorn
I stumble through swallowed in white.
Like a child in a new town the one the other children all stare down
I must be fading into the night.
Too many things we cannot foresee
For you the way has been tough.
Ain't much in this world comes
with guarantees
It's the only way to know my kind of love.
We're better off sharing our pain
It'll always be a life in the rough.
And make the best of what remains
It's the only way to know my kind of love.

Words & Music Copyright 2007 Tom Kozlowski