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Tom Kozlowski: Hear Music See Video


(Tom Kozlowski)
A place I dare not go a line I must not cross

A world I want to see to find the things I’ve lost

Garlands of flowers encircle my head

Lay me down in the deep river bed

Only a child but far more than a girl

Years cannot measure what I’ve learned of the world

Voices of raging seas fill up my head

I’ll find my love in the deep river bed

Frailty your name is woman yet you persevere

Everyman born of woman her strength is what he fears

Shrouded in water lilies they cover my head

A wreath of flowers to mark my grave in the deep river bed

Daisies and violets withered the day my lover died

I’m cursed to wear this veil ‘till I reach the other side

Where is my love for today we are wed

Rosemary blooms and these songs fill my head

Before I take this final sleep and bid you adieu

This above all: to yourself you must be true

So many things that we left unsaid

Lay me down to sleep in the deep river bed

Words & music Tom Kozlowski 2006