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Girl on a Bridge

(Tom Kozlowski)
It was a cold December night I walked through empty streets

Passed the shops on market square snow crunched beneath my feet

I didn’t care where I ended up I had no place to go

Left it up to providence and where the four winds blow

There she stood a lone figure in the mist

First time I saw the girl on a bridge

I looked into her poet’s eyes as long as she’d allow

She carried the weight of the world like thorns upon her brow

She told her story of unrequited love

She couldn’t carry that torch no more but she couldn’t give it up

That’s when she said she’d never be missed

All just happenstance I met this girl on a bridge

We spent the whole night long talking ‘till the dawn

We watched the sun come up and I thought her ghosts were gone

Each time we’d meet again beneath the same street light

Midnight on the bridge her silhouette against the sky

She took me to places I’d never been before

Opened up my eyes to the things we all adore

Nothing in the world can compare to this

To know she’s waiting for me that girl on a bridge

Tonight this rendezvous will be our last

Leave behind our sorrow and soon forget the past

Beneath a pale moon I heard the clock strike twelve

Waited all night long standing by myself

There’s nothing left but cold dark waters in the abyss

Not a trace of the girl on a bridge

I just can’t help myself I’m inclined to reminisce

Maybe she’ll come back someday that girl on a bridge

Words & Music Copyright 2003 Tom Kozlowski