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(Tom Kozlowski)
Mockingbird sings his song laughing at my window

Blackbirds fly ‘cross the sky nothing left but shadow

Nightingale sings her song crying in her sorrow

She leans her breast against a thorn

The death of one small child she mourns

Cradled in her mother’s arms one last lullaby

Now the world is safe from harm but this child will never cry

No one even knows her name

Bombed out shelter is her grave

Used to be I showed the world a light to my door

Now the torch is growing dim in the face of war

She leans her breast against a thorn

Is it for us that she mourns

We’ve conquered everything

Vanquished our enemies

Why is my soul torn and I can’t find no peace

Dedicated to the girl who was killed in the Zarqawi bombing raid in Iraq in 2006

(and for all children caught up in men’s wars)

Words & Music Copyright 2006 Tom Kozlowski