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Tom Kozlowski: Bio

Tom Kozlowski is a singer/songwriter currently

living in central Ohio. He has been writing

songs since he was ten years old, though

in recent years he has studied formal

composition and guitar with central Ohio

composer Richard Smoot. His influences

have been many, and range from folk to rock

to classical music. The themes of his songs

include world events, as well as spirituality

and the "inner space" we all share. Torch

songs round out his repertoire. He loves to

read poetry and is a big fan of Flannery

O'Connor's short stories. His idea of a perfect

day (aside from writing a new song) is a hike in

the Rocky Mountains, where once,

on such a hike, he was visited by a raven

for the better part of an hour, which he took

to be an omen of good things to come.

He believes it's best for his songs to speak for

themselves, because, he says, revealing too

many secrets, will, in the words of a native

American shaman "diminish the power of one's

magic". He plays primarily in smaller, intimate

venues, such as coffee houses, parties, and

lounges. His first CD "Between Two Fires" is available

on this site. His latest CD "In The Pocket",

a collaboration with Poet/Lyricist Roy Bentley,

is now available on this site, as well.